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Called to order at 7PM.
Pledge to Flag
Present: P Cyman Pres. D Rivera VP W Bond Secretary Treasurer

Minutes of last meeting 9-18 were read Omissions and Corrections were called for: Approved as read.
Treasurer’s report was read. Totals for year and balance read.

New Business: Contract signed with Saylor Fence Co. at $5200 plus permits. Replacing shadow box sections along SW 8 Street and Shotgun Road. White vinyl shadow box.

Old business: Anything Asphalt job completed at 926 SW 150 Terrace. $1150 -raised drain and repaved swale apron.

Call for member questions or input:
2013 officer’s election: A quorum (53 proxies) was not made. Nominations are not in order. The president’s term is for three years-Vice President one year-Secretary Treasurer for 2 years.
Our secretary Chris Aron has decided not to continue therefore we reverted to previous position of Secretary/ Treasurer. Present officers are obliged and willing to serve the new terms .Future changes can be made by resignation and appointment.

A gentleman named Steve asked about running for the VP position. Much discussion ensued but it was determined after the meeting that he in fact was not a property owner at New Providence therefore making him ineligible.

No further business meeting adjourned at 8 PM. Next meeting 2-26-2013

Note meetings for 2013 are 5-28, 9-17 and 11-19. Dues notices out 11-21-Due 1-1-2013, late 1-11-2013. Still $150.00 yearly w/late fee due if paid or postmarked after 1-10-2013.

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