New Providence HOA Meeting Minutes, September 18 ,2012

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  • Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm
  • All officers present- P. Cyman,W. Bond, C. Aron, D. Rivera
  • Pledge recited
  • Minutes from May 29, 2012 read by Chris Aron and accepted
  • Treasurer’s report read by W. Bond covering May thru September: expeditures were $4895.61, bank balance is $73245.04.
  • Communications; Emails reporting 150 ave sign, lights needing replaced, request for estoppels letters feedback on basketball hoop locations. Reminder- correspondence email is posted on website-

Old Business

  • New street sign replaced at 149 ln. and 149 terr,
  • Crimewatch is completed- report turned into Officer Eddy.
  • Reminder for all to sign up for CODE RED- go to– click on “signup for information” – see CODE RED community notification enrollment page.
  • More sidewalk replacements are completed and more are marked for future work.

New Business

  • Reminder -November 20 meeting is our annual meeting and election of all officers. President-3 years, Vice-President-1 yr.
  • Secretary/Treasurer- 2 years. Staggered terms will result in election every year at the November meeting and will ensure an experienced officer remains each year. Notices for meeting are printed and will be posted 10/10/12. Included are proxy forms to be returned if you are not attending.
  • $150.00 dues notices are also completed and will be mailed 11/10/12.
  • Landscaping issues in common areas should be addressed to D. Rivera at 954 224-5119 Rocks will replace the mulch in entranceways.
  • Trees need to be trimmed that block lighting at entranceways.
  • One of the Crimewatch signs were found and will be reinstalled.
  • Trees planted along north end of development provided by 84 South in hopes to deter some of the swale damage done by careless drivers.

Motion to adjourn at 7:50

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